100 gr basmati rice with 50 gr butter
50 ml sunflower oil
50 ml olive oil
3 cups of broth
30 g almonds
50 g raisins
25 grams of peanuts
250 gr bone lamb ribs
2 cherry tomatoes
A few wire saffron
Half onion

How To?
Transfer the butter and olive oil into a medium pot and add the onions that you chop. Roast until pink. Chop the lambs with a small amount of flour, add and sauté.
Wash the rice. Add to the meat with saffron and stir. Leave it to infuse to draw water. Turn the prepared dish into a bowl and flip it over the serving plate.
Almonds, raisins and peanuts in the pan in a small amount of sunflower oil on the side of the sausage. Decorate with frenzy. Garnish with cherry tomatoes and serve in sunflower oil.

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